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Testing the Escort Passport 9500ix and the latest Valentine One Radar Detector

Added on by Bud Flagstad.

September 16th, 2012

I have been testing the Escort Passport 9500ix and the latest version of the Valentine One radar detectors side-by-side.  Here is the dilemma I like them both!  Here is why:

First I love the GPS capabilities of the Escort as it reduces the amount of false readings in town incredibly.  I like the ability of being able to mark known spots as well and I plan to test the iPhone capabilities in the near future.  Also you can update the detector's database with identified radar threats and new false reading areas.

Now for the Valentine One.  9 times out of 10 it seems to get the jump on the Escort from a detection standpoint, albeit a very short jump.  Also the directional arrows are awesome to have as you can get a general sense as to where the threat is coming from.  The down side to the Valentine One is that it seems to trigger a lot more false warnings.

Bottom line: If you drive mostly in the city I recommend the Escort Passport 9500ix.  If you are a highway or rural driver the Valentine One is the way to go.  Both of them are great devices and I have owned my Valentine Ones for 10+ years...  And I am really enjoying my new Escort!